Terms of Service

Service Fee

Jackson Graphics (JG) charges a service fee for some projects based on anticipated extra services required to produce the work requested. This fee covers, but is not limited to, digitizing artwork, setting up production machines for specific projects, supplies/equipment used to accomplish the work, and any other cost, material or otherwise, associated with carrying out a specific project. This fee may be waived, at JG’s discretion, due to various project conditions, such as the quantity of items to be produced, the work involved in conversion of art to working files, etc.

File Ownership

All files provided by the CUSTOMER remain the property of the customer, and only for that customer’s projects. JG will NOT use customer-provided files for any other customer’s/entity’s projects.

Derivative files, created by JG for use in adapting the design for use in machines or processes required for project production, whether or not they are derived from customer-provided files, are the property of Jackson Graphics. The customer may request these files, but Jackson Graphics reserves the right to charge an additional fee for such files. Examples of derivative files include, but are not limited to, machine-embroidery stitch instruction files (*.dst, etc.), bitmap setup/conversion files (*.png, etc.), vector setup/conversion files (*.svg, etc.), laser instruction files (*.gcode, etc.), and 3D printing files (*.stl, etc.).

Charges / Fees / Payment

Sales taxes will be applied as required for JG provided goods and services, unless the customer submits a valid sales and use tax exemption certificate to JG to be kept on file. The customer is responsible for any shipping/handling costs incurred for delivery of the final goods to the customer. Unless otherwise indicated, JG expects payment in full before production commences on any given project.

Customer Provided Articles

For customer provided articles, in general, due to the possibility of something going wrong on irreplaceable items, Jackson Graphics prefers not to do work on customer provided articles. However, depending on the type of article and our experience with them, we may take on such work. In that case, the customer must agree to NOT hold Jackson Graphics responsible for issues that arise in processing these articles, including damage to the article. In other words, we will do our best to perform quality work that our reputation can stand upon, but the customer takes on ALL risk associated with the outcome. If such a problem arises, a refund could be issued.

For bulk items, Jackson Graphics requires that the customer provides at least one extra article. This extra article is for testing/proofing of the design on the article prior to production of the bulk order. In some cases, depending on the article, additional “extras” may be required.


Jackson Graphics is primarily a business-to-business organization. As such our products and services are intended to be sold to / performed for businesses and other organizations, such as non-profit entities. While these products and services may be applicable to individuals, Jackson Graphics reserves the right to restrict certain products, such as brand name blank apparel, based on agreements with vendors concerning those products, from purchase by individuals.

Customer Information / Data

Jackson Graphics pledges to do all that is reasonable to ensure that customer information and data is secure and private, and shall never release any customer information or data to any party without the expressed and explicit consent/instruction of the customer.

No Refunds / No Returns

We endeavor to provide a quality product at a fair price. Since all products produced by JG are customized for that particular customer’s project, we cannot accept returns. Since such items are also unable to be re-used, we offer no refunds. We WILL, however, endeavor to replace such items, if we agree there is a problem with the original. I that latter case, the original items must be returned to Jackson Graphics.

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